Boldly going forward ’cause we can’t find reverse

And yes, I stole that title proudly from The Firm’s parody song of Star Trek. But it seems to encapsulate the year and a half that has passed since my last post here. So many things have happened in that time. Good things, bad things, personal things. I might find the strength and time to write about some of them, but today is not the day. And to be precise, I’m writing this at half-past midnight, so there you go.

The short and sweet version then. I’ve started writing again. Like properly writing not just pouring over old stuff changing a word here or there. In the background I’ve changed jobs, which might partially have something to do with the unclogging of my brain tap. It might also be because I’ve slowly began to realise that – yeah, I’m not a massively published or popular author, but the few things that some good folks paid me money for, do actually mean I’m a writer and I should own it. Whatever the reason, there are some results. And it feels good to do it.

On a separate note, as some of you know, I’m a bit of a pagan folk/folk metal fan, though if you’ve been here a while you’ll know I don’t limit myself to one genre. In the past, as a hobby, I’ve translated some lyrics for friends from Polish into English so that they could enjoy more than just the musical layer of the stuff I pester them with. And as one of my favourite Polish folk bands, Żywiołak, has released their new single and album recently, I decided to ask if they’d be happy for me to translate their creations into Shakespeare’s sprache. You can find them in a new menu tab up at the top of this page. There’s only a couple but the collection will grow. Hope you’ll enjoy them. And if you do, you can head out to their website to buy things. You know, music and such.

That’s enough for tonight. More to come soon (sounds familiar, eh?). As ever, I will leave you with a couple of songs, one for each ear. First is the aforementioned Żywiołak and their “Witaj księżycu”. And if you want to know what they sing about, just check my translation here.

The other will come at you from the other end of the spectrum. It’s “Bad karma” by the exquisite Axel Thesleff, that tickles something deep in my brain.

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