“Rendez-vous with a Kraken” has been published in the Kraken Rises anthology by Angry Robot Books. All the proceedings from sale go to the Bristol Festival of Literature.

“Flight of Daedalus” has been published in the Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion anthology by Wizards Tower Press and you can find it  here.

“Just visiting” has been published by 365 Tomorrows. It’s a shortie flash and you can find it here:

365 tomorrows : A New Flash of Science Fiction Every Day

“Curiosity is a first step” published in This Twisted Earth anthology. You can buy your copy here:

“Icarus unbound”, a continuation of “Flight of Daedalus” appeared in Airship shape & Bristol Fashion II: Planes, trains and automatons and you can get yours here:

“Blood thicker than water” was included in North Bristol Writer’s anthology Tales from the Graveyard which is available here:

Also, “Broken heart sounds red”, a flash piece is available free as part of a challenge by The Fine Toothed Comb here:


  1. So… I’ve read “Flight or Daedalus”, and unless you’ve added another story after it under a pseudonym (I’ve not read the next few stories), it looks like there’s a lot more to the story. Where might a very interested reader find the next part? You drew me into a compelling world you’ve created, and a fine adventure is on the horizon, but I was dismayed to see it end there…

  2. Hi Pat. Thanks, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. I generally publish under my own name – apart from those few stories I’ve committed in my early years in Polish. As for the ‘Flight…’ there is a follow up story on which I’m currently awaiting for a reply from publishers. So fingers crossed – you might be able to read it soon. I’ll sure be posting when I’ll have some news, so stay in touch.

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