Piotr Świetlik was born and bred in the Silesian City of Chorzów, Poland. For over a decade now, he’s been a citizen of the lovely town of Frome, where he is busy working on his first novel. His stories appeared in ‘Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion’ from Wizard’s Tower Press, ‘Kraken Rises’ from Angry Robot, on 365 Tomorrows and most recently in ‘This Twisted Earth’ anthology. He is half-responsible for the Final Frontier weekly radio show that runs on FromeFM, and the man behind psytrance project ‘Firefly’. He is also the creator of the Sphere role-play game and is currently working on an educational board game for kids.

One of his stories has been compared to Roger Zelazny’s work, which set his ego loose on the world. He’s still searching for it.

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