Bristol Invaded

In the beginning there was thought. Then there was an intention and finally… there was failure due to the lack of time.
Initially I was going to invite you to the BristolCon invasion of Watershed on Sunday 5th of October, but hence that date is long gone I’ll just say thank you to all organisers and all who attended. It was fun. After all not every day am I being asked for writing help – immensely nice and I sincerely hope my rumblings were of any help. That aside, I myself feel, have learned a lot from the talks and those super-intelligent ants and laser-eyed pigeons will haunt my dreams for many weeks to come.

Just a gentle reminder, there is a short story competition following that event, with some prizes and help from professional editors, so ‘to your keyboards’ fellow writers. All the necessary details can be found here.

Now, hence you’ve already opened up that link, you might as well sign up for the BristolCon that will happen the following Saturday. It’s a year of first time experiences for me, as I will be taking part in a panel discussion about what influences us, authors. This will take place in the fine company of Joanne Hall, John Baverstock and Tricia Sullivan. And while this is clearly not the main reason to turn up at DoubleTree hotel that  day, I do hope to see lots of you there.

On more personal note, the most amazing thing happened on the 9th of October and my daughter, Jagoda, was born. This leaves me slightly overwhelmed and enormously happy. It might also explain my occasional loss of concentration, plot or sanity.

I leave you in peace (hopefully one) with a nice tune that was recently stuck to my neurons.

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